Tell Your Story with Your Home Decor (Free Letter Wall Art)

The internet can be a wonderful place.  Instantly, you can connect with creative,  innovative people.  I love hearing a fresh perspective or seeing new ideas from people hundreds, even thousands of miles away.  I’m doing an online decorating course right now and I’ve been able to get decor input and advice from so many others who value keeping things cozy and affordable.

It takes time

Keeping things affordable has been a challenge since moving into our new house.  First of all, its bigger, which means more spaces to fill.  Secondly, it’s a totally different layout, which means ample opportunity to get creative with new furniture arrangements.  I have to remind myself daily that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes for settling into our new home. I tell myself to enjoy the process and to take time to understand how we use each room.

It can be tempting to make a Target or TJ Maxx run and buy a bunch of cute items to fill in the blanks, but I find that the best items are worth waiting for.  I love seeing something at a garage sale and thinking “that’s it!” for one of my unfinished areas.  I like the idea of my home telling a story, not showcasing all of the latest Target line.  (By the way, I do love Target, just ask anyone.)

Look in the right places to keep it affordable

Get creative with where you shop.  Target dollar spot is my go-to for seasonal decor.  It’s a really inexpensive way to add subtle seasonal updates.  I also check out the local Goodwill on occasion for glassware and home goods.  Garage sales and estate sales are probably the cheapest and most rewarding way to find unique items for your home.  They also take the most effort, sometimes there’s a lot of junk to wade through. I recently found that auctions can be a steal and are worth checking out, but I would just take a set amount of cash, otherwise you may be tempted to pay more for something than you originally planned.

Take advantage of free!

Pinterest also has many free printables.  I recently found this adorable free initial printable to hang in my daughter’s room!

fullsizerender-47            fullsizerender-51           fullsizerender-50

You don’t want your house to be filled with generic wall art, but when used in moderation and in combination with more personal items, they can be a nice touch.

The curb is also a good place to find good bones for upcycling and DIY projects.  See my favorite example here. (I generally stay away from upholstered pieces)

Keeping all of these things in mind can really help your house feel like a reflection of yourself without breaking the bank.  It can also allow you to splurge on the big pieces that really count!

What are some of your favorite story pieces?! Where are your favorite stops to find uncommon treasures?





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