The Best Kept Throw Pillow Secret **EDIT**


I want this to be a place that offers real reviews, reflecting my personal experiences.  And in the case of my supposed “Best Kept Secret” find, maybe it’s not so great.  If you read the original post below, you’ll read about my excitement back in NOVEMBER when I found super cheap pillow covers on Amazon.  I wanted to let everyone know that its now the end of MARCH, and I only ever received 2 of the 6 covers I ordered.  Luckily, they were the 2 covers I liked the most.  I’ve even made multiple attempts to contact the seller with no response back.  At this point, I’m assuming the others are sitting at the bottom of the ocean in a shipping container with tons of other China Post shipments that never arrived.

So basically, I paid $5 each for these pillow covers when you consider I spend $10 total and only came out with 2 covers. Still not bad, but not “The Best Kept Throw Pillow Secret.” I would definitely not buy from this seller again, and would look to other sites like etsy to make a similar purchase next time.

Here’s a look at what I got 🙂


***Original Post***

Apparently, I’ve been in the dark, at least when it comes to affordable pillow covers.   I was at my friend’s house yesterday and she asked about the throw pillows I got from Target.  She wanted to know how much I paid for them, I was proud to say “only $5 from the Target dollar spot!!”


She didn’t seem as impressed as I had expected…. “Oh, that’s what I thought” she replied.  I could tell she had found a better deal somewhere else, but how?? Where on earth can you get cute pillow covers/throw pillows for less than $5?!

Amazon, baby.

She proudly told me about these pillow covers she found on Amazon for $1.60 each, and showed me all the cute designs she had coming her way.

$1.60 WITH free shipping, what?!

I owe her BIG time.  I’ve accumulated many throw pillows over the years, but I’m over the covers I have.  They’re in serious need of updating.  I planned on possibly making some of my own, but I don’t think I could even make them for that cheap.  She warned me that you have to order them each in a separate order, otherwise, you will get charged shipping.  So last night, I played around on Amazon and placed 6 different orders, I got 6 pillow covers for $10!  The options are a little limited, so some of us may have the same throw pillows on our couches 😉

You have to play around with options to find the really inexpensive covers.  I started with a $1.60 pillow, then checked the other “color options” and a list of other pillows from that seller came up, they would range from other $1-2 covers to $16 covers, but I kept doing this until I found what I wanted.  I’ve linked some of the designs I found with the best prices!

fullsizerender-52          fullsizerender-53          fullsizerender-55          fullsizerender-54          fullsizerender-56            fullsizerender-57

fullsizerender-59          fullsizerender-60


They also had LOTS of adorable Christmas pillow covers. I will say the delivery time frame is a little long (Dec 8-28th), so maybe Christmas pillow covers for next year?? 😉



A huge thank you to my dear friend!!! 😀

I hope this helps make it a little easier (and more affordable) to spruce up those old throw pillows you have lying around!








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