IKEA Tea Towel Kitchen Curtain Hack

I hope everyone is enjoying this Thanksgiving Eve! Can we just take a second and think about all that we have to be thankful for?! I’m thankful we won’t be talking politics at dinner tomorrow 😉  Just in case you needed to take a break from the cooking and cleaning, I thought I would share my quick and easy tea towel kitchen curtain hack.  If you have 5 minutes and $10, you can do this.

When we moved into our new house, I loved all the west-facing windows.  As time goes on, I’ve noticed that having a killer view of the sunset also means the sun can be pretty killer around 5pm.  Originally, I didn’t want curtains in the kitchen window, but being blinded while cooking dinner just doesn’t work.  I wanted a grain sack, linen type, casual fabric for the kitchen, but was having a hard time finding exactly what I wanted.

Cue IKEA tea towels


I had to buy two packs of the ELLY tea towels in order to get two of the same print, since each pack includes 4 different designs. The extras tea towels will just be used in the kitchen.  I also bought RIKTIG hooks and pried them open a little with pliers so they would fit my tension rod. (I only used the clipped hook)  It was nice that I had a few different print options and can even change it up later on if I wanted.  Evenly clip hooks on towels and hang.



Now you’ll want to get back in the kitchen so you can look at your pretty curtains 😉  I kept this post short and sweet because I know you’re busy today! Happy Thanksgiving!!!



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