How to Add a Little Life to Your Blanket Ladder

I hope everyone is enjoying their Friday!  It’s still chilly here in the Midwest, but the sun is out and it’s starting to look like Spring outside.  I think today is supposed to be the last day it doesn’t hit 60 degrees in the 10 day forecast and for that I am grateful!  I’m going a little stir crazy in the house today, so I thought I would show you guys a little project you can do to fill out the top of your blanket ladder.

IKEA is where it starts, surprised?

With about $30 and a trip to IKEA, you can add a little life to your blanket ladder.  I truly feel that the best way to liven up a space is with a pop of greenery.  So, naturally this is where my mind went when I started this project.  You’ll need 3 small plants, real or faux, both of which can be picked up at IKEA.

Here’s what I used-


Then you’ll head to the kitchen area to pick up the Fintorp condiment stand.

The last thing you need are a couple of S hooks, and I just picked up a 5 pack at IKEA for $4.

I bought the larger of the 2 sizes.  I even had to pry them open a little more so they would hook around my ladder.


I’m pretty sure these are the easiest assembly instructions ever involving IKEA products 🙂   After you put the plants in the holder, hang it on the top rail, and viola!


Last picture so you get the full effect 🙂

I know I overshare this area of our house, I promise I will be moving on to new areas soon! Ha! Thanks for stopping by 🙂  I’m curious, has anyone else done something with their blanket ladder besides the obvious?  I love to hear your ideas!

For another super easy and inexpensive IKEA project, click HERE.



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