A fresh look for tired nightstands

So let me start out by saying maternity leave has been amazing.  I’ve spent lots of days parked in the bed snuggling my little sweetie. And to think I was legitimately worried I couldn’t love another child as much as love my 4 year old…. Its unbelievable how your heart explodes all over again.  And there is something about watching my older daughter light up over her baby sister that makes me melt and feel complete.  Sorry to get all mushy, but I’m just so thankful baby is here, and I can finally smell her newborn head, hold her on my chest and inspect her tiny hands and feet.

About a week ago, I mustered up enough energy to continue with our master bedroom update.  You’ve heard me talk about our bedroom furniture before.  We were given a matching bedroom set when we moved last summer, a dresser, and armoire, and two nightstands.  Before baby arrived, we painted the dresser  a really pretty deep blue/grey and it doubles as our changing table.  Last weekend I used some left over Valspar chalky paint to paint the nightstands white, changed the hardware and I’m in love.

If you haven’t read any of my other posts about the chalky finish paint, its so simple to use! I LOVE that I don’t have to prep the surface, I did two coats of paint and finished with one coat of clear wax. Total, I probably spent 2.5 hours painting and 1 hour waxing. On one of my shopping trips to T.J. Maxx, I found some fun drawer pulls to complete the look 🙂

Its not a huge change for the overall room, but it freshened things up a bit and I’m happy with the results.

Before & After







I’m not sure what I want to do for wall décor above the nightstands, and I cant decide if I should hang something over the bed.  I would love some input!! Please leave me a comment if you have any ideas 🙂  I was thinking something like this above each nightstand.

I’m also planning on painting the wall behind our bed Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore.  I used a paint tester app to see what I will look like, what do you think?

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2 thoughts on “A fresh look for tired nightstands

  1. Karen Johnson

    I love the color behind the bed it looks really nice


    1. liz@basicallyliz.com

      Now I just have to find the energy to make it happen 😂


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