My Top 4 Postpartum Must-Haves

The postpartum period is a hard one.  It takes awhile to find out what works and what doesn’t when settling into a routine with a newborn.  Over the past month, I have found a few items that have made life significantly better and I’m so excited to share a few of my favorite products with you!

Simply Sublime Nursing Bra by Kindred Bravely

First, I want to talk about the postpartum body, it’s changing everyday! Although I am very proud of my body, it just did an AMAZING feat, I don’t always feel comfortable.  Now I understand where the term “jugs” came from when referring to breasts… I literally feel like I have two large milk “jugs” hanging from my chest.  Its hard to feel comfortable when those “jugs” are constantly filling and emptying throughout the day and night.

A comfortable and supportive nursing bra will change your life.  I bought a couple of nursing bras from Target right after I had the baby, and they were so uncomfortable.  Both size large, one was too big and one was too small *eye roll*.  One nursing bra I had would fit me when my newborn had just nursed, but I was falling out of it 2 hours later *another eye roll*.  I was so desperate for a bra that was comfortable and would grow with me as my size fluctuated. I was nervous about buying a  bra online without trying it on first, but I was out of options.

Let me just say, this bra is amazing! They were only $29 each, I got free shipping since it was over $45 and I used a coupon code for 10% off.  I basically live in these now.  I plan on ordering a couple more, maybe the French Terry Racerback next time, because that sounds fancy.  Ha!

Side note-

Can I share my mantra from the last few weeks?  It took 40 weeks for my body to become the way it was, so it’s not going to be “back to normal” overnight… or even after a couple months.  I need to give my body some grace and remember the amazing thing it just did and give it time to heal. I get so annoyed with everyone’s obsession over postpartum bodies, everyone feels the need to comment.  Take those comments with a grain of salt and remember how awesome your body is!

The Love To Dream Swaddle UP

Second on the list is a special swaddler.  We had my daughter in the regular Velcro swaddle sacks for the first few nights, but she loved to have her hands up by her face. When we tried to swaddle her with her arms up, she some how got the swaddle over her mouth.  When I woke up and saw, I panicked and refused to put her back in it.  I new we had to find a different product that could accommodate the hands up position while keeping her safe.

Then I happened to find the Swaddle UP on a Target endcap. It is amazing.  Baby can sleep hands up and she can put her hand near her face to self soothe, all while being swaddled.  I also love that it can be unzipped from the top or bottom to make nighttime diaper changes super quick and easy.  They have different stages of swaddlers to use as baby gets older and starts to roll or graduates to independent sleeping in a sleep bag.

Bonus- baby looks kind of hilarious in it.

Graco DuetConnect DLX Swing and Bouncer

Third on the list is an essential if you have a 2-story house and your shower is on the second floor. I love this product because the swing base is set up in our living room area, but I can easily take the bouncer seat out and bring it upstairs for a safe spot to set baby. This is how I get my *almost* daily shower in.  I just set her seat right outside the shower; it keeps her happy and I can see and hear her.  *WIN-WIN*

Mossimo Supply Women’s Racerback Tank Top

The last product I’m in love with is my new wardrobe staple. I may have purchased one in every color. When I came home from the hospital, I quickly realized I had no clothes that fit me.  I wasn’t so excited to wear the belly hugging tops I lived in while I was pregnant.  I wanted something that was comfortable and flowy, but also easy to nurse in.  These are it.  And at $8 each, you can afford to buy one in every color!

I hope this list makes it a little easier for you to enjoy those precious first few weeks with your newborn! It’s a beautiful whirlwind in the beginning.  As always, thanks for stopping by!






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