Must See Kitchen Island Lighting Update

Being at home on maternity leave has given me plenty of time to study my house and my décor while I sit around with a sleeping baby on my chest.  Those middle of the night nursing sessions have also given me plenty of time to scroll through Pinterest and dream of things I want to do around the house.  Combine those two with being a little stir crazy and you get a few little projects along the way.  I’m happy to say that one of my last projects left me with island lighting that I’m finally happy with!

I found these beautiful lights at Pier1 imports, and they were on SALE!

They were the perfect mix of glass and wood accent that I had been looking for! If you remember I did an “update” of the original lighting sometime last year.  The new shades never felt finished to me, I wanted the lighting to stand out a little more.  These pendants do just that 🙂

I would be lying if I said these went up perfectly and in no time at all.  I actually had to hang them twice.  The first time I had the weight of the lights hanging from the cord, not the chain, and they were crooked. I cant say what I was thinking when I was hanging them this way…. maybe lack of sleep, ha!

First try, crooked

I made some adjustments in the light fixture box and started from square one, this time, I made sure the chain was holding the weight of the fixture.  I also knew that I wanted to use cord covers to hide the chain, so I purposely didn’t weave the cord through (I felt that was contributing to the pendants looking crooked, too).

Second try, not crooked

Once the lights were up and not crooked, I ordered ONE linen cord cover from Pottery Barn Kids and cut it in half to cover the chains.  I planned on finishing the cut end with a quick stitch, but thought to myself, “I have a 5 year old and a newborn, aint nobody got time for that.”  And if someone wants to inspect my cord covers, they have more problems than I do.  Instead, I simply folded over the unfinished edge.

Folded cut edge

Here’s a look at the finished product




They are so much brighter than the industrial looking shades I had up before!

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  1. Karen Johnson

    Love the change looks great!!



      Thanks! 😊


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