Madewell Transport Tote Diaper Bag and Essentials

Recently, I had a friend ask if I had any “mom hacks” now that my second daughter is here.  I was a little caught off guard, I definitely don’t see myself as a parenting expert. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good response for her, no amazing tricks or tips came to mind.  I feel like I’m just figuring this whole parenting thing out as it comes, just like everyone else.  But then she said something along the lines of “I noticed you don’t use a diaper bag, you just carry your big purse.”  And that made me realize that with experience, you can differentiate between the silly money-making baby products and the true essentials. This time around I’m parenting with experience, and I want to share the love for all those first time parents.  I remember, any bit of advice (that I sought out) was very welcome.

I wanted to share what my “diaper bag” consists of, and the essentials I don’t leave home without.  It’s totally possible to maintain your sense of style while toting around a newborn.  You probably already have a large tote bag in your closet that will be perfect to double as your diaper bag.

Enter the Madewell Transport Tote 🙂

I already had this baby in my purse rotation, and it seemed like the obvious choice for me to carry all the essentials around in.  It’s a purse that I chose prior to being pregnant, so its a style I like and will want to use even after I’m done carrying diapers around.  That’s a major money saver! Spend $150 on that adorable diaper bag you’ll use for a year or spend that money on a bag you will get years of use out of (or don’t spend any money at all if you already have a usable bag).

Full disclosure, if you’re looking at this bag or a similar one to use as a stylish diaper bag, consider a tote with a strap.  Your shoulders will thank you.  That’s my only complaint is that a semi heavy bag can strain your neck and shoulder after a while, so give your self the option to carry a couple different ways. Here are a couple of options offered through Madewell-


Now that you have your bag, what’s in it?

  • diaper change kit, like this, with 3 diapers and resealable wipes
  • nursing cover (if you want)
  • 2 disposable nursing pads
  • small tube Vaseline or diaper cream
  • 1 burp rag
  • Ziploc bag with one change of clothes (if baby has a blow out, put dirty clothes in the clean bag)
  • case with at least one extra pacifier
  • chap stick
  • hand sanitizer (with holder to hang on purse strap)
  • wallet
  • phone

Extras that I like to have

  • travel size hand lotion
  • travel size tissue
  • Nail clippers/emery board

Now you’re set to venture out with your little one! Just remember to always replenish your bag when you get home 🙂

For the ultra organized mama

They have products out there that provide more compartments to turn your existing purse into a more typical diaper bag.  I love the idea, but 3 months in, I’m totally content without the extra insert. It looks pretty awesome, though, and comes with its own changing pad!

I sincerely hope this helps some of you decide what products you do and don’t NEED when you have a little one on the way.  And either way, you will figure out what works best for you and your little one.  🙂

For a few postpartum tips, stop by this post!



2 thoughts on “Madewell Transport Tote Diaper Bag and Essentials

  1. Brittney

    Love this idea of a tote instead of a typical baby bag. Can you also provide the link to the insert you have pictured?



      Thanks Brittney! I don’t know what happened to the original link, but I’ve re-linked picture, so you should be able to click it and it will take you to the page where you can purchase. Just an FYI, they come in a few different sizes and price points and if you google search “diaper bag insert” you will get a few other options at different prices. I hope this helps!!! Please reach out if it’s still not working 🙂 And thanks for reading!


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