Vintage Shipping Crate Coffee Table with Saltwash

I’m so happy to finally be sharing this project with everyone!  I’ve been working on this shipping crate transformation since last October, and here we are 6 months later with the final results.  I have to say, I do have a bit of an excuse for neglecting the basicallyLiz part of my life 🙂  Shortly after starting this project I found out we were expecting another baby!!  So I chose not to paint or sand and had to out source a lot of this work to my husband.  After he did his part, I had to find the energy to do the finishing touches.  (For some reason the fatigue really hit me hard with this pregnancy.)

Shipping crate beginnings


If I could have found a way to get rid of the random white paint, I would have kept the original wood.  Instead, I used my favorite chalk paint (Valspar Chalky Finish Paint in Kid Gloves) and tried out a fun product called Saltwash to get a worn, aged look. 

Reinforcing, Painting, Sanding and Waxing

After I very carefully pried the top off the crate, I reinforced the top and bottom with a thin sheet of wood.

Next, The entire crate was painted with a coat of the chalk paint mixed with the Saltwash.  A second coat of chalk paint was applied. Then it was sanded down and coated with the Valspar clear wax. Finally, the castors and hinge were installed.  Look a these castors, I mean, really?  I love the color!


Voila! Coffee table with storage

I’m really happy with the results 🙂  The extra storage is a huge bonus!


Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest project 🙂 And a huge thanks to Valspar and Saltwash for making this project successful!

2 thoughts on “Vintage Shipping Crate Coffee Table with Saltwash

  1. Alex

    I love what you did with this piece! I’m experimenting with salt wash for the first time and I was just wondering if you use the same white chalk paint as the base and the top coat?



      Hi Alex! I chose to use the same color for both coats. I got the perfect simple, distressed look I was going for when I sanded to expose a bit of the natural wood. I know many people choose to use different colors, but it depends on the look you are going for. Hope this helps! And I would love to see what you come up with 🙂


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